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The New Economics of Energy Security

Published July 2006
By Sir Bernard Ingham, Professor Colin Robinson and Dr Eileen Marshall CBE
Foreword by Professor Tim Congdon CBE

As covered in The Business newspaper here, written about by the authors Robinson and Marshall in the Wall Street Journal 12th July "Energy Insecurity", and blogged on by the pan-european Centre for New Europe Envioronment by Dan Lewis.


Next week sees the launch of the UK's Energy Review. This will be the government's second energy review in three years, and is certain to focus heavily on the use of nuclear energy. As such, the Economic Research Council, Britain's oldest economic think-tank, has commissioned Sir Bernard Ingham, Margaret Thatcher's former Chief Press Officer, to put together his thoughts on the benefits of going nuclear. His paper is entitled, "Nuclear power - the most secure and economic option." The second part of the paper focuses on energy security. With the G8 summit beginning on 15 July in St. Petersburg, Professor Colin Robinson and Dr. Eileen Marshall CBE, argue that, "Competitive markets - not governments- enhance energy security". 



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