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08/06/16: 4th Annual "Boom or Bust" Property Event


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3rd May 2016
Andrew Lilico and Charles Grant, Brexit: The Economic Arguments For and Against
Listen here - Read here

19th April 2016
Richard Murphy, The Joy of Tax
Listen here

8th March 2016
Angela Knight & John Whiting, Simplifying the UK Tax System
Listen here

15th February 2016
Huw Kwon, Artificial Intelligence: Threats and Opportunities from a Business Perspective

20th January 2016
Jon "JB" Beckett, New Fund Order: Dysfunctions and Disrupters in the City
Listen here - Read here


2nd December 2015
 Clash of the Titans V: Economic Predictions for 2016
Information here - Listen here - Read here

2nd November 2015
Sir Vince Cable, Another Economic Storm Ahead?
Listen here - Read here

14th October 2015
Ruth Lea, A New Relationship for the UK with the EU
Listen here - Read here

30th September 2015
Professor Wendy Carlin, The Future of Economics Education

16th June 2015
 Third Annual "Boom or Bust" Property Discussion
With Peter Rollings, Charlie Ellingworth, Paul McFadyen, and Lucian Cook
Listen here - Read here

18th May 2015
Pete Comley, Inflationary Wave Theory
Listen here - Read here

20th April 2015
John Gapper, Technology and the Economy
Listen here - Read here

24th March 2015
Professor Sir Richard Blundell, Wages, Inequality and Living Standards
Listen here

25th February 2015
Felix Martin, The Ends of Monetary Policy
Listen here - Read here

27th January 2015
Matthew Elliott, Business and the EU: The Underlying Divisions
Listen here - Read here


18th December 2014
 Clash of the Titans IV: Economic Predictions for 2015
Information here - Listen here - Read here

18th November 2014
Martin Wolf, The Shifts and the Shocks
Listen here - Read here

6th October 2014
John Mills and David B. Smith, Britain's Economic Future: There Is An Alternative
Listen here - Read here

10th September 2014
Katie Morley, A Generation that is Young, Rootless and Broke
Listen here - Read here

11th June 2014
 Second Annual "Boom or Bust" Property Discussion
With Grainne Gilmore, Matthew Pointon and James Wyatt
Listen here - Read here

28th May 2014
Tim Congdon and Charles Grant, Is the British Economy Better Off In or Out of the EU?
Listen here - Read here

29th April 2014
Jan Skoyles, Gold, Bitcoin and the Future of Money
Listen here - Read here

25th March 2014
James Hindhaugh, The Chancellor vs. The People: A Social Media Analysis of the Budget
Listen here - Read here

24th February 2014
David Craig, The Great Savings and Pensions Scandal
Listen here - Read here

20th January 2014
Musa Okwonga, The Football Crash: Are Footballers the Bankers of Professional Sports?
Listen here - Read here


10th December 2013
 Clash of the Titans III: Economic Predictions for 2014
Information here - Listen here - Read here

6th November 2013
Professor Sarah Harper, The Economic and Political Effects of an Ageing Population
Listen here - Read here

9th October 2013
Guy Fraser-Sampson and Michael Kitson, Whose theories can best deliver recovery and growth in the UK – Hayek or Keynes?
Listen here - Read here

11th September 2013
Andrew Smithers, The Road to Recovery: How and Why Economic Policy Must Change
Listen here - Read here

4th June 2013
 Your Property: Boom or Bust?
With Yolande Barnes, James Wyatt, Liam Bailey and James Ferguson
Information here - Listen here - Read here

8th May 2013
 Mark Schneider, Is Higher Education Worth the Cost?
Listen here - Read here

9th April 2013
 Tom Chatfield, Virtual Economics: Bitcoins and Beyond
Listen here - Read here

6th March 2013
 Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-Chief of MoneyWeek

5th February 2013
 Richard Fleming, The Prospects for British Business
Listen here - Read here

9th January 2013
 Stuart Block, The Economic Cycle: An Economist's Journey by Bicycle from South Africa to London
Listen here - Read here


4th December 2012
 Clash of the Titans II: Economic Predictions for 2013
Information here - Listen here - Read here

6th November 2012
John Kay, The Future of Equity Markets
Listen here - Read here

2nd October 2012
Guy Fraser-Sampson, The Mess We're In
Listen here - Read here

4th September 2012
Dr Gerard Lyons, The Shift in the Balance of Economic and Financial Power
Listen here - Read here

13th June 2012
James Wyatt, Bubbles and Asset Prices
Listen here

8th May 2012
 Chi Onwurah MP, The New Innovation Economy
Listen here - Read here

4th April 2012
 Michael Drummond, Mike Delaney & Jacque Mallender
Listen here - Read here

7th March 2012
 Nick O’Donohoe: Social Impact Investment - a Revolution in Financial Markets?
Listen here - Read here

7th February 2012
 Alan Brown: The Eurozone: Where Economics and Politics Collide
Read here

9th January 2012
 Energy Policy: Which Way For The UK?
Listen here - Read here


6th December 2011
 Clash of the Titans: Economic Predictions for 2012
Information here - Listen here - Read here

15th November 2011
 John Mills, Chairman of John Mills Limited
Listen here - Read here

5th October 2011
 Michael Johnson, Centre for Policy Studies
Listen here - Read here

13th September 2011
 James Wyatt, Head of Valuation and Surveying at John D Wood & Co
Listen here - Read here

28th June 2011
 Steve Baker MP, Political economy and the crisis
Read here

9th May 2011
 John Hawksworth, Chief Economist at PwC
Listen here - Read here

7th April 2011
 Steve Moore, Director of the Big Society Network
Listen here

15th March 2011
 Justine Greening MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury

17th February 2011
 Andrew Smith, Chief Economist, KPMG
Listen here - Read here


9th December 2010
 Panel Discussion on the future of the Eurozone
Listen here - Read here

9th November 2010
 Jon Moulton (Better Capital) & Jamie Constable (RCapital)
Listen here - Read here

16th September 2010
 Patience Wheatcroft, Editor-in-chief, Wall Street
Listen here - Read here

13th July 2010
 Mark Littlewood, Director General of the IEA
Read here

22nd June 2010
 Gillian Tett, of the Financial Times
Read here

30th March 2010
 Dr Eamonn Butler, of the Adam Smith Institute
Read here

2nd March 2010
 Oren Sussman, from the Saïd Business School
Read here

28th January 2010
 Tim Jenkinson, Professor of Finance - Saïd Business School
Read here



8th Decemember 2009
Jim O'Neill, Chief Economist, Goldman Sachs
Read here

29th October 2009
John Authers of the Financial Times
Read here

October 14th 2009
Paul Everitt - CEO, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
Read here

September 1st 2009
John Redwood MP - An alternative view on handling the banking crisis
Read here

July 15th 2009
Lord Forsyth - The British Economy - not forgetting the Scottish one
Read here

May 26th 2009
Angela Knight CBE - British Banks and the Credit Crunch
Read here

April 28th 2009
How close is Peak Gas?
Read here

March 18th 2009
John Kay - Book Launch 'The Long and the Short of It'
Read here

February 18th 2009
Sir John Bourn - Public Sector Audting: Is it Value for Money?
Read here

January 28th 2009
Energy Security - A Panel Discussion
Read here



December 11th 2008: Gerard Baker - American Editor, The Times
November 6th 2008: Lord Lamont - Welcome Dinner for the new ERC President
October 14th 2008: Peak Oil - how close are we? A panel discussion in the House of Commons
June 11th 2008: Paul Ormerod - Why Most Things Fail
May 13th 2008: Derek Scott - Former Economic Adviser to Tony Blair
April 22nd 2008: Debate: The Welfare State - Success or Failure?
February 20th 2008: Dr Andrew Sentance - Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee
January 16th 2008: Larry Elliott & Dan Atkinson - Economics Editors Guardian / Mail on Sunday
December 18th 2007: Dr Liam Fox MP - Shadow Secretary of State for Defence
November 1st 2007: Prof. Dr Michael Stuermer - Chief Correspondent, Die Welt Newspaper
October 10th 2007: Eric D. Beinhocker - Senior Fellow, the McKinsey Global Institute
July 5th 2007: Professor Garel Rhys CBE - Cardiff University Business School
June 19th 2007: Sir Digby Jones - former General-Director of the CBI
May 22nd 2007: Professor David B. Smith - Derby University & Beacon Economic Forecasting
March 29th 2007: Professor David G. Blanchflower - Member, Monetary Policy Committee
February 22nd 2007: Debate: Is Britain's £1.3 trillion of personal debt a crisis?
January 24th 2007: Lord Lamont of Lerwick - Chancellor of the Exchequer 1990 - 1993
December 21st 2006: Ed Vaizey MP - Conservative Shadow Minister for Culture
November 22nd 2006: Tim Harford - Columnist, Financial Times
October 30th 2006: Dr Irwin Stelzer - Columnist, Sunday Times
October 5th 2006: Dr Eamonn Butler - Director, Adam Smith Institute
July 12th 2006: Nick Boles - Director, Policy Exchange
June 6th 2006: Trevor Baylis OBE - Inventor of the Clockwork Radio
April 25th 2006: Philip Coggan - Investment Editor, Financial Times
March 8th 2006: David Smith - Economics Editor, Sunday Times
January 30th 2006: Kate Barker - Monetary Policy Committee
December 2005: Professor Norman Stone
October 25th 2005 Professor Christie Davies - Professor of Sociology (Ret.), Reading University
September 27th 2005: Professor Stephen Glaister CBE - Imperial College London
June 8th 2005: Vince Cable - Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor
March 8th 2005: Patience Wheatcroft - The Times
February 8th 2005: Joachim Fels - Chief Economist, Morgan Stanley
December 9th 2004: David B. Smith - Chief Economist, Williams de Broe
November 1st 2004: Robert M. Worcester - Chairman of Mori 'Forthcoming Elections: US \ UK'
September 28th 2004: John Mills - A Critical History of Economics
May12th 2004: Dr Theodore Dalrymple - The Decline in the Public Service Ethos
March 17th 2004: Lindsay Jenkins - The Reform of Local Government and EU Regions