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20/10/16: Chart of the Week: Inflation vs Earnings

13/10/16: Chart of the Week: EU Nations' Reliance on UK Trade

29/09/16:Chart of the Week: Net Investment in UK vs. Overseas Shares by UK Financial Institutions


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07/11/16: Larry Elliott & Dan Atkinson

30/11/16: Sixth Annual Clash of the Titans


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7th November

Monday 7th November: Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson: “Europe isn't Working: How the Failure of the Single Currency led to Brexit”

Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson are economic editors predominantly for the Guardian and Daily Mail respectively. Between them, Larry and Dan have over 40 years' experience in economic and financial journalism. Together they have co-authored 5 books, including 'The Age of Insecurity' and 'The Gods that Failed'. In 2007 they wrote 'Fantasy Island', a book that predicted the 2008 banking crash. Their latest publication, 'Europe Isn't Working' charts how the Euro failed to deliver its promise of more jobs, more growth and greater equality. At this evening reception, they will use analyses of several European nations to asses why Europe's centre-left has grown far less enamoured with the project fifteen years after its creation.  

Royal Overseas League, St James's Street, SW1A 1LR. 6.30pm - 8pm.

Non-members can book Early Bird tickets here for £15 (£10 for students).  Members can reserve their free place here.